Commercial Cleaning Services When Disaster Strikes

Commercial Cleaning Services When Disaster Strikes

MAR 16, 2022  


Every business decision, such as deciding on a commercial cleaning service, must benefit the business. A service is of no value if it does not improve the business, save money, or reduce operating costs. Commercial cleaning services can provide value to a company for various reasons, such as when storms or flooding can potentially shut down business operations for days or weeks. Learn more about how a commercial cleaning service can help you create a more profitable business or recover quickly after disaster strikes.

Types of Commercial Cleaning Services

Most businesses require regular commercial cleaning services, which are often critical to ensuring a company operates efficiently and always looks presentable to clients and the general public.

Daily Cleaning Services

Running a business is a time-consuming job, meaning business owners do not want to be tied down with cleaning when they have customers to serve and suppliers to call.

General commercial cleaning services will include rubbish removal, sweeping, mopping, and cleaning and disinfecting surfaces. Most of these tasks are relatively simple and don't require specialized equipment, so they are affordable for everyday cleaning and tidying that will keep your company premises looking presentable.

Floor Maintenance

The state of your floor will have a significant impact on first impressions for your business. Clean floors are also safe floors as hazards have nowhere to hide. While a quick clean will do in a pinch, dirt and debris can quickly accumulate in a busy environment.

Commercial cleaning services provide the level of service that will keep hard-wearing high-traffic areas clean and well-maintained, with services that include:



      Polishing and buffing.

Trained commercial cleaning professionals can work with various flooring surfaces such as carpeting, wood, and tiles and keep them looking their best.

Sanitation Audits

Food businesses have an extra responsibility to ensure their food does not have an opportunity to contact contaminants. Sanitation audits create a baseline to determine if cleaning strategies are improving and alert business owners to developing problems before they become a service issue.

Move-In-Move-Out Cleaning

Moving an entire business is already a challenging prospect. The last thing a business owner wants to worry about is making sure the premises are clean before moving in or after moving out and keeping all the equipment clean.

Years of dirt and debris collected behind and underneath commercial equipment is beyond standard cleaning services to get clean. Commercial cleaning services are experienced at cleaning areas that may have been neglected for years, getting the premises spic and span for the next occupant, or ensuring a fresh start for yours.

Commercial Cleaning Services for Business Restoration

It's critical to restore your business to normal operations as quickly as possible after a storm, flood, or fire. Commercial premises can suffer extensive damage during a disaster that often forces companies to close while clean-up and restoration are underway.

It can be hard to imagine a resumption of services any time soon when you review the wreckage left in the disaster's wake. This is where commercial cleaning services geared towards flood, fire, and storm remediation can help.

A commercial restoration service will quickly assess the damage, create a remediation plan, and get to work in cleaning up the mess and salvaging what they can so your business can resume operations as fast as possible with minimal loss.

Fire Restoration

The nature of fire means that your commercial property could suffer more than fire and smoke damage. There can also be significant water damage from sprinklers and fire services extinguishing the flames.

A commercial clean-up and restoration service will assess the damage and safety of the area and remove and dispose of damaged items that are beyond repair. Property and documents that can be salvaged will be moved offsite to be treated with the latest restoration techniques.

Commercial Water Remediation Services

Floods and storms are an obvious source of water damage but can also be part of the aftermath of a fire or burst pipes. A water remediation service needs to be thorough as there is a lingering risk of further damage should things go missed. Mold outbreaks and infrastructure damage from wood rot are just a couple of the issues that can shut a business down at a time when you thought you were recovering from the disaster.

Mold Remediation

When mold takes hold, it can be challenging to get rid of on your own, even if you can locate the outbreak's source. A mold outbreak can be even more concerning and pose more significant risks when you have customers and employees to worry about.

Commercial mold remediation services are experts at rooting out mold from its hiding places before it can spread or preventing an outbreak in the first place. After water damage, mold can become a problem in as little as 24 hours, so dealing with it quickly is critical.

Storm Remediation Services for Commercial Operations

Heavy rains during storms can cause significant water damage through flooding and leaky roofs. It's generally much worse if strong winds manage to tear the roof off of your business premises. After the storm, you may also have shattered glass, downed powerlines, and other debris to contend with. Snow and hail can also add to the damage.

Professional commercial cleaning and restoration services can assist with clean-up and water mitigation to ensure you can get back to an operational state as quickly as possible.

Assistance with Insurance Claims

Dealing with insurance providers is rarely a pleasant task, and it adds one more thing to an already heavy to-do list after a disaster like a flood or fire.

Commercial cleaning services that specialize in water, fire, and mold remediation can help you work with your insurance provider to get a speedier result than going it alone.

Decades of experience mean they understand what can and can't be claimed, which can help a great deal with ensuring your assessment is accurate, and you are compensated fairly.

You Don't Have to Do it Alone

Cleaning up after a disaster can be overwhelming when you see your life's work lying in ruins. You don't have to go through this traumatic task alone.

Experience counts a lot when it comes to knowing the fastest way to recover after a disaster. Fortunately, you are not dealing with catastrophes every other week, but it can leave you at a loss as to what to do next when a storm, flood, or fire has just ripped through your business.

Commercial cleaning and remediation services know immediately what needs to be done, making them an excellent resource to lean on when re-opening quickly is critical to your livelihood.


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