Deep Cleaning Service After Disaster Strikes

Deep Cleaning Service After Disaster Strikes

APR 27, 2022  


Deep Cleaning Service After Disaster Strikes

Fire and flood ripping through a home or business can have devastating consequences for property and cause massive disruption to daily life. Whenever disaster strikes, the goal is to always get back to a normal state of living as soon as possible.

You will have a lot of work ahead of you, but you don't have to do it alone. Deep cleaning services can help you restore your property to its original or even better state than before the disaster as quickly as possible.

This article will go over what you should expect with deep cleaning services and how they can help you get back on your feet.

Why a Deep Cleaning Service is Essential After Disaster

Fire and floods can devastate in many different ways. Not only do they produce immediate damage, but the after-effects can continue to degrade the property for weeks after the last of the smoke and floodwaters have cleared.

Soot damage to ceilings, walls, and furniture will continue to accrue the longer it is left to sit, and moisture damage will work its way into the structure if left for long enough.

Structural damage and mold are the most common issues home, and business owners face after fire and flood. For this reason, it is critical for a deep cleaning service to start the process as quickly as possible and as soon as it is safe to work on the premises.

Businesses face financial loss after fire and flood, not just from the immediate damage caused, but from loss of business for as long as it cannot trade. Even a few days can mean the difference between recovering or having to close down.

As professional deep cleaning experts who have been serving the community for decades, we understand the emotional, and financial turmoil natural disasters and fire can heap upon you. Here's how a deep cleaning service near you can help.

The Importance of a Fire and Flood Deep Cleaning Service

Fires cause porous services to expand and expose the sub-surfaces to soot and smoke. When the fire abates, and the surfaces start to cool, the open pores close up to trap the soot, smoke, odors inside the structure.

If the structures are not removed and cleaned correctly, they can create problems for you later on. When air temperatures rise, the surface pores can open to let soot and odor particles out into the atmosphere. Not only do they produce an unpleasant odor, but they can also create a health hazard when they are breathed in.

While a fire may cause highly localized damage, the toxic smoke is often free to travel to other building areas where it will contaminate everything it touches.

A deep cleaning service will not just clean and restore the immediate damage; it will also deal with other areas that may have suffered smoke contamination and eliminate the possibility of further damage and health risks.

The same can be true for flood damage, which can cause issues in areas of the building that are not immediately apparent. Depending on how long the flooding goes on, water can seep into porous structures, where it is trapped. Without adequate drying, the area becomes susceptible to a mold outbreak.

Even worse is the possibility that wood rot can degrade the structural integrity of the environment and make it unsafe for families or employees.

Getting Back to Normal

We have deep cleaning services near you that can help you get back to everyday life as quickly as possible. Our experience covers floods and fires of all scales. We continue to make investments in the latest technologies and equipment to increase efficiencies so we can serve you better.

What Deep Cleaning Services Will Cover

Deep cleaning services for flood damage can cope with restoring premises affected by all types of floods, including black water (sewage), grey water contaminated by waste other than sewage, and white water floods.

Whether the flood has been caused by stormwater, heavy rainfall, rivers breaking their banks, coastal surges, or burst pipes, an experienced team using the latest equipment will help you get your life in order.

What Happens During a Deep Cleaning Service Near Me

Safety is a top priority during any disaster, so the first step is to ensure the property is safe to enter. Electricity and gas services will need to be shut off, and the property's structural integrity will be assessed.

Once the safety assessment is complete, the restoration process can begin. In the case of floods, the water will be analyzed to determine the best course of action and materials needed for the restoration and cleanup.

Water removal equipment will disperse the remaining standing water, and industrial-strength drying and humidity control equipment will be brought in to speed up the drying process and reduce mold risk.

What Can a Deep Clean Restoration Service Save?

There are usually things that can be saved after flood and fire damage. Even critical paperwork and electronics can be restored with the right equipment and know-how.

If you have documents and hard-to-replace electronic equipment, you will be surprised at how much a deep clean and restoration service will be able to salvage. Ensure all of your property, equipment, and documents are professionally assessed before you write it off.

What is the Cost of a Professional Deep Cleaning Service?

There's no way to tell how much a deep clean after flood and fire will cost because it will depend on how long the building was flooded or on fire, the size of the property, and how much equipment needs to be restored or professionally disposed of.

You have already gone through enough, so a professional assessment of the cost of a professional deep clean comes free of charge before work begins. Plus, most flood and fire damage will be covered by your insurance, which could include the cost of a deep cleaning service and restoration.

Best Option Restoration has decades of experience helping businesses and families recover from disaster and quickly get their lives back on track. Call to find out how you can reduce your deep clean costs and prevent secondary damage today.



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