Industrial Cleaning Service After Flood and Fire - Expert Advice

Industrial Cleaning Service After Flood and Fire - Expert Advice

MAR 30, 2022  


Industrial Cleaning Service After Flood and Fire - Expert Advice

Flooded warehouses or fire damage can create nightmares for many business owners. When the damage is significant, it's critical you get an industrial cleaning service in to survey the damage and help you get the cleanup and restoration underway as soon as possible. Use this advice from industrial cleaning service experts to get your business up and running again with minimal disruption.

What to Do Before you Call the Industrial Cleanup Company

You will want to start assessing the damage right away and saving what you can. However, the location could be dangerous so make sure it is safe for you and your employees to enter. If necessary, call in the professionals, such as electricians, to make sure there are no hidden dangers.

When you know the area is safe to enter, assign your employees to different locations of your facility. Start taking photos and removing salvageable items to a covered dry area for assessment.

Damaged items should be left in place, so the insurance adjuster can create a more accurate analysis of your losses. If your industrial cleanup service has arrived, you can save your important documents and paperwork.

Make contingency plans. Unfortunately, cleanup, mold, sanitization, and restoration will take some time. Even more, if you need to rebuild your infrastructure. You should consider making alternative plans for continuing business.

Why You Will Need an Industrial Cleaning Service

There's no way you and your staff can clean up potentially acres of damage after a flood or fire, so here are a few reasons why you should call in the professionals.

Prevent Further Damage

When the fire is extinguished, or the last of the floodwaters has drained away, you may think you are over the worst of it. However, floods and fire can lead to significant water damage that makes industrial cleaning services essential.

During a fire, the sprinkler systems will go off to flood the area, and the fire service will also use thousands of gallons of water to extinguish the flames.

Moisture that is left to sit can cause all sorts of problems. It may become a health risk through contamination, and it may lead to a mold outbreak that will add further expense and hardship to your cleanup efforts.

An industrial cleaning service will help you quickly remove standing water, so it no longer poses a risk. They can also spot potential sources of a mold outbreak and prevent it from becoming a problem.

Stop Illegal Access

Floods and fires in industrial zones can attract all sorts of gawkers, thieves, and vandals. Some will just be curious, but others will take advantage and trespass on your property to see if there are easy pickings while security is lacking.

The damage may be severe, but there is always the possibility that some of your assets can be cleaned or restored. This is hard to do if someone makes off with it while you aren't looking.

Even sightseers can become an issue. They may just be there to satisfy their morbid curiosity, but trespassing on a property that has been severely damaged by flood or fire can pose a severe risk to their personal safety. Unfortunately, even though they are not supposed to be there, your business can be liable if they do hurt themselves,

Industrial cleaning services can help secure your property and immediately remove salvageable items off-site where they can be cleaned and restored.

Sort Through The Damage

As mentioned, even the most devastating fires or floods can leave behind assets that can be restored. It's critical you get to these items as quickly as possible because time is a factor. Leaving them to sit while covered in soot and wet from flood water will give them time to degrade further.

Documents are especially vulnerable to damage after the fact, so the sooner you can get your paperwork out of the mess, the more chance you will have to save important documents.

Even moderately sized warehouses have too much area for one person to cover alone or even a small team of employees who may not have the experience to deal with the aftermath of flood and fire damage. Plus, you may not be able to recognize what can and can't be saved as well as an experienced industrial cleaning service.

Create A Safer Environment

Floods and fire can leave hazardous material in their wake. In the case of a flood, you could be looking at debris that has been carried in from neighboring properties. You don't want to risk injury to yourself or your employees by dealing with materials you have no experience with or don't understand.

An industrial cleanup service will know what to do in these circumstances and have all the essential PPE to safely deal with dangerous spills or materials.

Restore the Facility and Get You Back to Work

An industrial cleanup company may not be able to completely rebuild a property extensively damaged by fire. Still, they can help you quickly get to the stage where it's possible to rebuild by efficiently clearing and cleaning your property.

Regarding floods, industrial cleanup services can clean and repair flooring, do mold remediation, clean and repair drywall, and do rubbish removal, so you can focus on getting your doors open for business again.

Help With Insurance

Negotiating a fair reimbursement from your insurance company is rarely as straightforward as it should be. Unless you've been diligently combing through the aftermath of a flood or fire, there will be things you will miss that could reduce your claim.

Industrial cleanup services are experts at dealing with insurance companies and know all the traps to avoid. They can also help maximize your claim by cataloging all the items that couldn't be saved. Plus, many insurance policies will reimburse you for the cost of the industrial cleanup.

Fires and floods are unfortunate risks for any business. While you can prepare for them by creating backup copies of important documents, or using a fireproof safe to store valuable items, the damage can still be quite extensive. An industrial cleanup service experienced with flood and fire damaged properties is the best way to maximize your insurance return and quickly get your business up and running again.


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