Odor Removal Advice - How to Get Rid of A Musty Smell After Water Damage


Odor Removal Advice - How to Get Rid of A Musty Smell After Water Damage

Floods are not the only source of water damage in your home or business. A busted pipe with a slow drip, a leaky roof, or fire sprinklers set off during a fire, can all lead to moisture issues and the stinky odor that accompanies them.

Moisture trapped in the home leaves a musty odor that is often the first sign of trouble when the source of the problem is out of sight.

The odor may be accompanied by a dark stain in your kitchen cupboards, laundry, or bathroom, or discoloration on your ceiling. Unfortunately, a musty odor can sometimes persist even after you have repaired and cleaned the damaged areas. This article will discuss methods for identifying the source and how to get rid of a musty smell after water damage.

Locate the Source of the Odor

A musty smell is often the first sign of a leak, or some other way water is getting into the property. Water damage smell is distinctive and can vary from stinking up the place with an old, rotten, stale, or musty odor that rankles the nostrils.

Most odors will emanate from dark, out-of-the-way locations such as in kitchen cabinets, under the laundry tub, around water heaters, inside bathroom cabinets, and behind walls where plumbing is installed. A small leak in the roof can also lead to huge problems.

Condensation in your attic may leave just enough moisture behind to cause an issue. Moist air escaping into the attic can condense and soak into the timber and insulation, causing wood rot and mold growth.

Unfortunately, when moisture gets into the dark, warm areas of your property it becomes a haven for mold, especially if the material is porous and can absorb and hold a lot of moisture. Wood, carpet, drywall, and even cement are all absorbent materials that mold can thrive on when there is enough trapped moisture. A small drip is all mold needs to reproduce and spread.

Once you locate where the musty smell is coming from and the source of the moisture, it's time to take appropriate measures to fix it. Most moisture problems will require a professional odor removal service, especially if the issue is caused by busted pipes or a leaky roof. However, you can do a lot yourself to speed up the process.

Start the Drying Process

A dry surface cannot harbor mold, so getting the area as dry as possible as quickly as possible is the first step to getting rid of a musty smell after water damage. Leaking pipes should be repaired, and damaged appliances either repaired or replaced.

Some repairs are a DIY option, but more serious issues, like a flooded basement or moisture in the attic, should be left to a professional restoration and mold remediation company.

You can prevent condensation in the attic by shoring up any cracks or holes where air can leak through. Around light fixtures, attic ladders, and plumbing pipes are likely candidates for air leaks that often go unnoticed.

Drying out the area may require removing and replacing drywall, tearing up carpet, or removing flooring, which is why it's always a good idea to get a professional odor removal service near you with the right tools and training.

Fans and dehumidifiers can help speed up the drying process. A mold removal company will install heavy-duty versions of these to quickly rid an area of lingering moisture.

Mold Remediation

Most homeowners can get rid of small mold outbreaks with simple household cleaning fluids. Make sure you practice safety first and use a breathing mask, gloves, and long-sleeved clothing. You should also seal off the space you are cleaning because you will be dislodging mold spores that can spread to other areas of the home. Get help with large patches of mold as there may be structural damage that needs repairing or a large area that needs drying out with industrial fans and dehumidifiers.

Deodorize and Ventilate

When you have gotten rid of the mold there may still be a lingering odor. Your odor removal service will ventilate the area using fans and specialized heaters to improve air circulation. Depending on the humidity levels outside, windows and doors may be left open to let fresh air in.

You can also assist the process by using natural deodorizers. Many people get good results by boiling lemons in a pot and leaving the lemon-infused water in the room overnight. Spritzing with your favorite natural oils like lavender can also help get rid of the musty smell.

Call Your Local Odor Removal Service

No amount of deodorizer will get rid of the musty smell from your home if the damage causing it is not repaired. You can remedy small problems yourself, but if the moisture is caused by a more severe issue like a busted pipe, leaky roof, flood, or fire, an experienced odor removal service like Best Option Restoration can help you prevent mold and get your property smelling clean and fresh once again.

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