Rapid Disaster Recovery with a Commercial Deep Clean Service


Rapid Disaster Recovery with a Commercial Deep Clean Service

Business owners should have a recovery plan for every eventuality, including emergencies and disaster situations like fires and floods. Quick recovery after a disaster is important to your business and a deep clean service offers a fast way to get back to work right away.

Keep reading to learn how you can quickly get back to serving your customers with minimal downtime using a commercial deep clean service near you.

When Will You Need an Emergency Deep Clean Service?

Disasters like floods and fires are serious challenges, and they can happen at any time. Damage they cause is indiscriminate, and much of it will be hidden out of sight. Failing to perform a deep clean that gets into every out-of-the-way space often comes back to haunt you and your customers later.

Mold and mildew outbreaks, stale air, and smoke odor are risks you face without a commercial deep clean and are a turn-off for customers.

Professional cleaning companies offer high-quality emergency cleaning services after floods, fires, earthquakes, and other natural disasters. Hiring a professional company ensures a safe workplace for customers and employees.

Getting Back on Your Feet After a Disaster

Always wait for a professional or the local authorities to declare an area safe before entering it after a disaster.  Once you have the all-clear, the next step is to call your insurance provider to book an assessor to visit your site.

Once the area is safe, you can get started on the cleanup yourself, but at this stage, you are likely feeling overwhelmed and anxious to restore your business as quickly as possible.

A commercial deep cleaning service that specializes in disaster recovery and remediation is an excellent resource you can depend on for help and expert advice.

You should record the initial condition of the office before you start cleaning. Take photos and videos so that insurance assessors have a visual record of its state. Many insurance companies will require this as part of their policy. Take photos of damaged infrastructure, equipment, and flooring as these will help maximize your claim.

Prepare for the Worst

A Disaster recovery plan is a critical document that outlines the procedures and protocols to follow in case of a disaster. It helps to minimize damage, quickly resume business operations, and ensure that you can provide essential services and products to your customers.

Backup Your Data: Store copies of all your vital information externally or online. Keeping current backups of your data guarantees that you can speedily recover all the necessary documents needed to resume business activities.

Evaluate your Insurance Coverage: Check your insurance policy thoroughly and make sure it provides protection against any potential losses resulting from a disaster. It is essential to be aware of what is included and what isn't so that you can be ready for any circumstance. A disaster recovery service like Best Option Restoration can help with a speedy insurance claim that will get you everything to which you are entitled.

Contact Clients and Suppliers: Maintain contact with your customers and vendors; make them aware of the situation and your plans to carry on with operations. Dialogue is essential. Many may even be able to offer help and support in your critical hour of need.

Secure the Premises: Ensure the area is safe and secure against further damage and unlawful entry. A short-term surveillance system can help reduce crime risks, as will removing essential apparatus and important documents from the affected area.

Consider Temporary Office Space: If your office is unusable, consider setting up a temporary office space to resume business operations. There are many flexible workspaces available, including coworking spaces and temporary offices, that can give you the infrastructure and support you need to get back up and running while you wait for your original premises to be restored.

What Happens During a Commercial Deep Clean?

Commercial cleaning companies need to follow strict protocols and procedures to keep everyone safe and ensure the business is returned to its pre-disaster condition. Here are some of the steps that will happen while they treat your premises:

Safety Inspection: Before starting the cleanup, the cleaning company will assess the safety of the premises. They will determine if there are any electrical or structural hazards, check for gas leaks, and ensure that the area is safe for cleaning.

Remove Debris: Remove any debris or damaged materials, including furniture, carpets, and drywall. This step helps to prevent mold and mildew growth, which can cause health issues.

Drying and Deodorizing: Once the area is clear of debris, the company will use industrial-grade apparatus like fans, dehumidifiers, and duct cleaning equipment. Doing this ensures your property is not at risk of mold and mildew or wood rot, and it will get rid of lingering smoke odors.

Cleaning and Sanitizing: The next step is to clean, sanitize, and disinfect all surfaces, including walls, floors, and ceilings. Special attention is given to areas affected by water or fire damage where mold and bacteria can thrive.

Restoration: Finally, the cleaning company will restore the property to its pre-disaster condition. This step may involve replacing damaged materials, repainting walls, and cleaning or replacing carpets and flooring.

For professional cleaning and restoration services after a disaster, choose Best Option Restoration. Our expert team has the experience and expertise to restore your premises quickly and efficiently to pre-disaster conditions. Call today for expert advice and a no-obligation assessment to discuss the unique needs of your business.

Rapid Disaster Recovery with Best Option Restoration

If you’re experiencing water damage or mold damage in Denver, Arvada, Thornton, Broomfield, Boulder, or the surrounding areas, Best Option Restoration can help you. We are aware that water damage or mold damage can leave you feeling overwhelmed, and our goal is to instill peace of mind throughout the project and restore your property in the most efficient way possible. We have many years of experience in restoration reconstruction and all our general contractors are licensed and insured. If your property has been damaged due to water, fire, or mold we will give you the personalized service and expert marksmanship needed to get the job done right. To learn more about our services, call us at (720) 620-3272 or contact us online to receive an estimate on your project.


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