The Importance of Air Duct Cleaning


There is a lot that goes into the heating and cooling of your home. A clean air duct system helps to keep your heating and cooling system free from debris, mold, and rodents.

That's where an air duct cleaning service comes in! Such a service can provide your HVAC system with a thorough clean and inspection so that it runs efficiently. If your property has recently experienced water or fire damage, it's even more urgent to book an air duct cleaning service as soon as possible.

What is an Air Duct Cleaning Service?

Air duct cleaning experts will service different areas of your heating and cooling system to ensure there are no faults or developing problems. In general, they will check that all the following areas of your ducts are performing at their peak:

      Ducts and grills

      coil covers

      fan motors

      heat exchangers


Indoor air pollution poses a health risk, and a clean air duct free of debris and contaminants can reduce the level of harmful air pollutants in the air we breathe.

Do You Need An Air Duct Cleaning Service?

There are two main reasons for getting an air duct cleaning service: health and keeping HVAC systems performing at optimum efficiency.

Dirty ducts can decrease the air quality in your home, especially if any residents are sensitive to inflammatory conditions like allergies and asthma. Unexplained coughing, wheezing, or sneezing could be because of irritants getting transferred inside through your air ducts.

Other than fire and water damage, here are a few more reasons to call your air duct cleaning experts:

      Excessive Dust Buildup - Allergies, asthma, and other respiratory issues can be triggered by dust trapped in the duct system contaminating the air inside the property.

      Mold - Mold buildup can increase the likelihood of health issues. Moldy ducts are caused when moisture is trapped inside the duct. When left untreated, mold can spread to other areas of the duct or into your home. Not all mold will be visible, so if you suspect mold growth in your ducts, you should consider consulting a mold remediation service as soon as possible.

      Dirt - Properties that have been exposed to floodwaters could have a lot of dirt leftover once the waters subside. If your home has been flood-damaged, it's highly recommended you have the ducts examined by air duct cleaning experts.

      Rodents - The interiors of air ducts make the perfect homes for rodents. A thorough inspection will ensure you keep your HVAC system free of infestation. If you notice any signs of rodents setting up residence in your air ducts, give your air duct cleaning service a call as soon as possible.

Air Duct Cleaning Servicing After Flood and Fire Damage

Mold and other dangerous substances can hide in your air ducts if you have water damage. After a flood, be aware that trapped moisture creates the perfect environment for mold to flourish and spread.

Molds can add an unpleasant odor to the inside of a home or business and are especially harmful to children and adults sensitive to airborne substances.

Our experienced air duct cleaning service team uses specialized equipment to safely remove mold, dirt, and other particles. We will perform a thorough air duct cleaning service, leaving them uncontaminated, so you and your family or your employees can enjoy a cleaner indoor air environment.

What Happens During Air Duct Cleaning?

An air duct cleaning service can be involved and requires professional air duct cleaning equipment to ensure the optimal operation of your HVAC system. Here's how a typical air duct cleaning service will go.

Air Duct Inspection

Our air duct cleaning experts won’t just clean your ducts— we will ensure the ducts are inspected thoroughly so you can be confident the work is completed safely. We check for damage, mold, or other hazardous materials and review the entire HVAC system for any damage and parts that may need replacing or repair.

Air Duct Cleaning Equipment

Air duct cleaning experts will use a variety of tools to get your air ducts back into top condition, including:


      Skipper Balls

      Air Whips


      HEPA Vacuums

We only use soft-bristled brushes on fiberglass and fiberglass-lined ducts. When the cleaning and clearing process is complete, a HEPA vacuum expels particles to the outside of the building.

Final Check

A final check goes over your HVAC air ducts to ensure nothing was missed and that no damage was done. Access holes used during the cleaning process are resealed, and the system is tested.

Advantages of Clean Air Ducts

You can't see inside your air ducts, so why should you consider cleaning them regularly after a flood damage repair or a mold remedial service. Even though they are not visible, there are still good reasons to have your air ducts regularly inspected and serviced by professionals.

Air Quality

Contaminants building up in your ducts can cause respiratory distress in residents and employees who may be prone to such things. There is also the chance that pollutants will release unpleasant odors into the building.

Remove Rodents

Rodents often take up residence in the excellent hidey-hole air ducts can provide. Unfortunately, rodents will need to regularly venture out from the safety of the ducts to search for food. You may not see them, but they will leave plenty of disgusting evidence behind.

Improved Efficiency and Consistent Air Flow

If debris is left to accumulate, it can eventually restrict the airflow through the system. Your compressors will work harder, and your interior environment will not be as comfortable as you are used to. You may also notice a few extra dollars on your energy bills.

Breathe Easier with an Air Duct Cleaning Service Near You

If you maintain your ducts well, you will enjoy cleaner air, better efficiency, and a decrease in your energy bill.

We can restore your HVAC after water or fire damage, but regular cleaning and servicing will keep your HVAC system working efficiently and save you money.



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