Top Tips for Preventing Basement Water Damage This Spring


Spring Showers Bring Basement Worries: Your Guide to Preventing Water Damage


Spring is here with its warm sun and blooming flowers. But for many of us, it also brings a problem right under our feet or beneath our homes – water where it shouldn't be. Whether you find it in your basement or crawl space, water damage can turn spring from a dream into a bit of a nightmare. This guide is all about keeping your home safe and dry. We'll share the know-how you need to stop water damage before it starts and keep your home in tip-top shape.


As a friend in the business of keeping homes healthy, Best Option Restoration is here to share some handy tips for spotting trouble early. After all, the sooner you catch a leak or a damp spot, the easier it is to fix.


Understanding Water Damage:


Water damage can be sneaky. Sometimes it drips quietly into a basement corner, or it can come rushing in during a big spring rain. As the snow melts and spring rains begin, your basement and the low spaces under your house are the first to feel the effects.


When water sits around in your home, it can cause all sorts of trouble, like mold and soft spots in the wood that hold your house up. The Environmental Protection Agency says that when a space under your house gets really damp and stays that way, it's the perfect place for mold to grow. And in springtime, with all the extra water around, it's even more important to keep an eye on these spaces.


How to Tell If Water's Making Trouble in Your House


Water damage doesn't always wave a big red flag. Sometimes the signs are small, but knowing what to look for can save you a lot of hassle. Keep an eye out for:


·      Musty smells: That old, damp smell could be telling you that water's where it shouldn't be.

·      Stains on walls and floors: Water leaves a mark. Look for spots or changes in color that weren't there before.

·      Changes in floor texture: If your floors are warping or feel different under your feet, it could be water's doing.

·      Doors and windows that stick: When wood gets wet, it swells. So, if doors or windows start to stick, it might be a sign of moisture.

·      A sump pump that's working overtime: If your sump pump seems to be on a lot, it's probably fighting to keep water out.


Statistics say a lot of homes will deal with water damage at some point. For instance, did you know that 98% of basements in the U.S. may experience some sort of water damage during their lifetime? That's a lot of wet basements!


Spring Cleaning to Keep Water Away


When spring's in full swing, here's what you can do to keep the dry in and the wet out:


·      Clean your gutters: Blocked gutters make water pour over where it shouldn't, like against your house.

·      Check your foundation: Walk around your house. Look for cracks or spots where water could sneak in.

·      Test your sump pump: Make sure it's ready for the job. Pour some water into the pit and see if it pumps it out.

·      Keep an eye on the humidity: If your basement feels like a steam room, it's time to dry it out.

·      Get a professional's opinion: Sometimes you need a friend with know-how to spot the less obvious issues.


Keeping your house safe from water isn't just about reacting when things go wrong. It's also about being smart before problems show up. It's like putting on a raincoat before you're caught in a downpour—you're glad you have it when the rain starts.


When Water Wins: Fighting Back with Cleanup


Sometimes, despite your best efforts, water sneaks in and makes itself at home. Here’s how you turn things around:


1.        Find the source: If you can, stop more water from coming in.

2.        Get rid of the water: Use a pump or a wet vac if you have one.

3.        Dry everything out: Fans and dehumidifiers are your best friends here.

4.        Sort through your stuff: Decide what can be saved and what's too far gone.

5.        Clean and sanitize: After everything's dry, make sure to clean it to keep mold away.


Here's a story from our own backyard at Best Option Restoration. There was this one family, the Martins. They woke up one morning after a heavy spring rain to find their basement carpet squishy underfoot. A quick call to us, and we were there in a flash. We found a tiny crack in their foundation where the water was coming in. We got right to work, pumping out water, drying things off, and sealing up that crack. In no time, the Martins had their basement back—dry, clean, and safe.


Best Option Restoration: Your Ally in the Damp


When you’re up against water damage, you want a team that puts you first and knows their stuff. That’s where we come in. Best Option Restoration isn’t just our name; it’s our promise to you. We’ve seen it all, from small leaks to big floods, and we know how to fix it.


We’re all about quick response because we know time is of the essence.

Our team is trained to spot the little things that make a big difference.

We don’t just patch things up; we solve the problem so it won’t happen again.

So if you’re staring at a puddle where your floor used to be, remember, we’re here to help you get back to dry.


Ready for Rain or Shine: Let’s Keep Your Home Dry


Nobody wants to come home to a waterlogged living room or a soggy basement. If you're worried about water damage, or if you've already got a mess on your hands, let’s chat. Drop us a line, sign up for more smart tips in our newsletter, or just pick up the phone and give us a call. We're here to make sure that come rain or shine, your home stays comfortable, safe, and most importantly, dry.


With Best Option Restoration, you can rest easy knowing we're on your team—raincoat at the ready!


Ready for Rain or Shine: Let’s Keep Your Home Dry


When unexpected water tries to dampen your day, and you're located in Thornton, Denver, Boulder, Broomfield, or any surrounding areas, remember that you're not alone. Best Option Restoration is your local expert in turning what could be a water disaster into a mere memory.


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