Who is the Best Restoration Franchise for new business owners?

Best Option Restoration is truly the best option. Best Option Restoration (known throughout the industry simply as B.O.R.) is the only franchise company who will bill, negotiate and collect insurance invoices on behalf of their franchises. This effort alone saves B.O.R. franchisees time and money. Ask the other restoration-franchised companies if they’re willing to collect the invoices on behalf of their franchisees…you’ll find the answer is a resounding NO!


Why wont the big boys in the industry do this? Simple, Money…there is no money in it for them. Best Option Restoration doesn’t collect invoices for the money, they do it to help young business owners who have just invested around $100,000 not have to wear every hat. Nick-Anthony Zamucen the CEO of Best Option Restoration states, “ We have to foster a new franchisee and help them in anyway we can. We have experts collecting on the franchisees behalf, to ensure a maximum result for collections. B.O.R. franchisees and other franchisees for that matter, need as much support and love that the franchisor can give. It is truly amazing what a franchisor can do for a young owner in their system, but it often very disappointing what the franchisor will do for them. Not at B.O.R., the franchisees success is our success.”


This is Nick-Anthony Zamucen fourth successful franchise concept. His leadership, skill to grow business and foster young entrepreneurs is amazing to say the least.  Bio-One Inc. is another one of Nick-Anthony Zamucen’s creations. Bio-One Inc. has over 65 locations throughout to country and is not only the leader in crime and trauma scene cleaning, but the most recognizable name in this niche industry. Entrepreneur Magazine, the bible of franchising, named Bio-One Inc. to it’s prestigious Franchise 500 in 2017.    

Invoice Collections, Thermal Tech and the largest Exclusive Area's are just a few of the many reasons Best Options Restoration is the best restoration franchise in the game.




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